Product Review


Shea Moisture Baby! With this being my third baby I understand that babies tend to have sensitive skin and we as parents have to be careful when it comes to allergic reactions. I became more cautious after my first when we found out that she is allergic to peanuts. Nyleh was about 4 maybe 5 weeks old when she developed bumps on her face which then spread on her body. As I noticed the “rash” spreading I began to think, is this heat a heat rash or baby acne? Not once did I think eczema, so after doing my research I began to use raw organic coconut oil. The coconut oil seemed to work but not fast enough, so I then used breast milk. The breast milk cleared up the bumps on her forehead which seemed like over night.

Unfortunately the “rash” returned and with her being so young I decided to take her to the doctor, rewinding a little bit. Nyleh started to become really irritable to the point where we didn’t know what was wrong and that isn’t like her at all which is another reason why I took her to the doctor. With all said and done we found out the she has eczema. We were advised to use Cetaphil (a very good lotion) and to basically bathe her with nothing LOL…

I came across this wash and shampoo at Target, what sold me was how it is all natural. After I bought it I wasn’t sure what the ingredients were so I looked them up Myrrh is a sap like substance that comes from a tree called Commiphora Myrrha which is related to Frankeincnse. This essential oil is commonly used for a number of benefits but in this case it is used for relaxation.

What this is used can be compared to a night time lavender baby shampoo just all natural. I  have noticed that it soothes Nyleh after bath time and the biggest benefit is I can use it and don’t have to worry about her eczema flaring up. In actuality I seen an improvement when I switched from a popular lavender baby wash, her skin wasn’t so dry and her bumps stayed away.

All and all I recommend this baby shampoo for your precious baby, It smells good and it lather so well a little definitely goes a long way. Oh and we can’t forget, this does not bother their eyes it is most definitely tear free!

If your baby suffers from eczema this is what works for us:

Cetaphil Lotion- 2-3 times a day

Shea Moisture baby- Every other day at bath time

Wash clothes in Dreft or non scented detergent on a two rinse cycle.


Thank you for reading, its all L<3VE

Remember to relax your mind and open your heart ❤


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