Success Of Failure

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Yes! you read it correctly the success of failure, you may ask “how can someone be successful at failing?” Being a mother of  three adding to that a mother of a new baby as well is heartwarming and at times overwhelming. As a mother we are scared to fail, we are scared to let our kids down and have them think we aren’t the best mother. This question comes to mind, How can we be a failure to our kids if all they know is what mommy and daddy does?

Last weekend we got invited to a birthday party and as excited as we all were little did I know everything that could have happened was going to happen. My husband (Brandon) and I woke up pretty early to have some adult time since we have to get in where we fit in around here LOL, it was about 5 am. Well once we were up we were up! We cooked breakfast together for the family and knew the day was going to be a good day WELL not so much haaha. 10 am rolled around and we ended up falling asleep. Once we woke up we realized what time it was and started to get dressed(rushing of course). Brandon was supposed to get a haircut and I still hadn’t gotten a gift. Once I dropped Brandon off I went to wal mart and that is where it began. I realized earlier I had forgot the wipes,, it was no big deal because wal mart has those. I was all finished, ready to check out and Nyleh has a blow out (extreme poop that leaks through the diaper and clothes) I then realized I forgot a change of clothes once I looked in the diaper bag.  I had to walk all the way to the back of the store grab an outfit and go.

Once everything was paid for I got the the car and began to change Nyleh when I realized I forgot to buy wipes. In a panic I was like what do I do now? It was hot I was sweating, the kids were asking me a million questions(only 3 but it felt like a million) and suddenly a light bulb went off.  I remembered that I had put some wipes in the wipe case that came with her diaper bag. Although they were almost dried out they worked! We made it to the party late but at least we made it.

I shared the story with you all because in the midst of all of that my children didn’t see me any different they still seen me as the mommy they love. I was the one who felt bad for forgetting clothes and wipes.

It is important to learn from a failure, we will all fail at something and at that moment when you realized you have failed is when you should get the strength and courage to try again. A failure is only an attempt to perfection.

As a mother I know I will have many failures and many attempts but that only gives me the drive to continue on each day, if one day didn’t work out then try again the next day. We have 24 hours in a day to do something, once that 24 hours is up we have another 24 hours to try again.

Thanks for reading!

Remember to relax your mind and open your heart ❤


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