Living in the now!


It has been 4 weeks since our little baby has been born. She is so beautiful and get’s all the attention now a days. Breaking into reality how is life now? Of course life is full of happiness, smiles, and sleepless nights. Although I have two other children I do not remember some of the postpartum things that happen like hot flashes. Oh my goodness sometimes at night I would wake up drenched in sweat and then some nights I would have chills and even the three blankets that were on me didn’t keep me warm, I would be shivering like I was wearing a bathing suit in Antarctica. People seem to not talk about what happens after birth and I wasn’t interested in what wasn’t happening to me. One morning when my husband left to drop the kids off at school I was so cold and in pain I turned the heater on like 85 so when he came home he was like why is it so hot in here! Apparently your hormones are changing and your body sweats to release all of the excess fluid you have stored from being pregnant. Interesting isn’t it?

Everything that my body has gone through amazes me and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world, why because it is all temporary. Pain doesn’t last long, excess weight doesn’t stay on forever and being sleep deprived will soon end. Something that people don’t talk about is the amount of stress that is placed on a mother regardless if she has help. Sleepless nights can get the best of you and cause anxiety, depression, stress, and an overwhelming feeling. Thankfully I did not fall into depression, I overcame getting close. I had to have a conversation with God and myself, I told myself that you can not keep your emotions bottled in and smile like nothing is wrong. I kept telling myself that I am fine and realized that maybe I am not “fine” when I found myself crying for no reason. I hadn’t been anywhere not even to the front door. I became consumed with being a new mom again and getting rest that I didn’t pay attention to anything else other than our newborn baby.

When I realized I was allowing myself to fall I prayed and asked God for strength. The next day I got dressed like I was going somewhere(although I wasn’t) and stepped outside for some fresh air while my kids rode their bikes. Let me tell you, fresh air and sunlight does wonders to emotions. I had to find a way to release my emotions because when I kept them in I found myself more irritable and sometimes angry. I told myself to cry, and when I tell you that it felt so much better than keeping everything in. You may be surprised at what crying and letting things out can do. I encourage anyone, not just new moms to find that outlet it will do you nothing but good. Other than realizing how to deal with my emotions I have also learned to be patient. I am used to just going, a newborn will get the best out of you when it comes to time. I was used to rushing because I was always behind with time I am now sufficient with time so that way I won’t have to rush. So many things can happen like a blow out diaper or an instant need to breastfeed you just never know now a days. I have learned there is no need to stress just take a deep breathe, nothing is going to come out perfect and if something goes wrong try again the next day.  I usually am not open about my life but this is reality and I told myself when I wrote this blog that I would speak the truth because I could help someone else.


Thank you, hopefully you enjoyed reading just as much as I enjoyed sharing.

Don’t forget to open up your heart and relax your mind.


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