Welcoming Nyleh Blyss

Finding out we were expecting another baby was a bit of a surprise but nevertheless we went in with open arms. 39 weeks of my pregnancy was actually good for the most part, no complications and exactly what is expected during a pregnancy. Once reality hit that we were having another baby I prayed to God that this pregnancy be smooth, that my cravings weren’t outrageous, and that I was able to have a safe natural birth ( no epidural). God definitely answered my prayers, I craved fruit my whole pregnancy and I loved drinking water so much my husband called me a camel. The natural birth part was a blessing that I thought I prepared for. The thought about hiring a Doula came about, but once we looked at the pricing we figured we could do without. I watched a ton of you tube videos and read so many blogs and information on informative websites I figured I had this natural birth thing in the bag.

When I got closer to my due date Braxton Hicks contractions started(practice contractions) eventually actual contractions came. I used inconsistent contractions as practice and would breathe through them with deep breathes as if I was in actual labor. April 3rd I woke up at 3 am and felt slightly strong contractions so I started to time them, they were 10 min a part and consistent. Due to the contractions being consistent I went and soaked in the tub and waited for them to become closer together. By 6:30 am it was time to wake our kids up, the contractions were still consistent just not strong so we continued with our normal daily routine. My husband took the kids to school and he stayed home from work. By 3 pm the contractions were still consistent just not close together, they jumped from 5 min a part to 10 min a part back down to 5 min a part. Once we dropped our kids off to be taken care of we headed to the hospital. As we arrived we were checked in and once I got settled they checked my cervix, I was only 3 cm. dilated. Eventually I got to 4 cm. (or so we thought ) so they decided to admit me. With tons of walking, squatting, dancing, and sitting on a yoga ball the contractions became further a part. By 5 am my doctor came in and said “we are going to break your water and start pitocin (nooooooo, the worst)”. I almost refused but he was like do you want to go home or have a baby, of course I chose a baby with an epidural to follow since pitocin makes your contractions like ten times worst than regular contractions. Once my doctor checked me he said “I’m not doing this you’re only 2 cm”, the look on me and my husbands face was priceless. He was upset because we were told I was 4 cm and then the doctor says that I am 2 cm. This happened on a Monday, I had an appointment that Thursday. He relayed to me that the nurses stretched my cervix to 4 cm. what he wanted was to check me and be at 4 cm. He did say I wouldn’t make it to my next appointment which was the following Thursday.

That weekend I was so ready to have her, I was tired and in pain and felt like I couldn’t go any longer. I went to a bachelorette party and decided to try and dance her out ( I paid for it that night). Sunday morning contractions started up again and they seemed to be consistent, they were 5 to 6 min a part. Eventually that afternoon the contractions once again stopped. I decided to try some “natural” techniques to speed up the labor process. I went to five stores looking for Raspberry Leaf Tea, finally I found the tea after I called the store to make sure it was correct (organic, pure). Thinking the tea would work immediately like some other pregnant women said, my husband went and gassed the vehicle up. We got the kids bags together and made sure we had everything and nope, nothing. The tea did not work for me just like every other home remedy I tried. I gave up and said you know what she is going to come when she is ready to come despite my anxiety and anticipation on meeting her, I just need  to have patience and wait. The next morning which was a Monday I woke up to some strong pain and ignored it because I refused to believe they were contractions, but they kept coming. I got in the tub to see if they would subside and nope they kept coming. I timed them and they were exactly 10 min a part on the dot, eventually they got down to 5 min a part. I noticed they were getting slightly stronger so I stopped timing them and realized this just might be it. My husband called off once again and took the kids to school. We packed our bags and cleaned the house to kill time just to make sure this was really it this time. As we were driving to the hospital they were getting stronger and that’s when I knew this was it.

When we arrived at the hospital the contractions became 2 min a part. Once we got to labor and delivery they checked me in and plugged me up to the monitors, for some reason Nyleh’s heart rate started to become really high. Due to her heartbeat being so high I was given fluids because it was possible that I was dehydrated, still her heart rate was too high. The next thing they tried was some oxygen, which she liked once I laid on my side with the oxygen. Once again the contractions slowed down, when my doctor came in to check on me he said that my cervix wasn’t dilated at 4 cm like I was told and it still was at 2 cm. The reason why my cervix wasn’t dilating was because she wasn’t in the birth canal pushing on my cervix to make it dilate although my contractions were consistent.

My doctor decided to admit me to monitor Nyleh’s heart rate, if her heart rate didn’t stay down I was going to have to have a c-section. As soon as he told me that I prayed and knew God would not allow that to happen. By 4:30 am a pill was inserted into my cervix to help me dilate( this is where all the action happens). By 5:00 am I woke up with strong contractions plus I had to use the bathroom, I paged my nurse to hurry up because I could NOT hold it. The pill I was given you have to lay down for two hours before you can get up to let the pill dissolve, I guess it was okay to get up because it seemed to have started working. My nurse came in and said I could get up once my blood pressure cuff had checked my pressure which was at 5:30 am. I was watching the clock because the contractions were strong and trying to hold your urine and stool was hard. As soon as my blood pressure was taken I snatched those cords off and rushed to the bathroom. While I was on the toilet having contractions I was talking to myself and God, I told God  that I couldn’t do it anymore and that I know I prayed to you for strength to deliver without an epidural but I just can’t do this, this hurts too much. Then I said to myself I don’t care what anyone has to say I am getting an epidural, oh well I am not dealing with this pain. The nurse comes back in to check on me and says, “Are you alright? I have to check your cervix.” I said, “Okay, but I want an epidural.” Me thinking my husband is asleep he busts out with, “Nope do not give her an epidural!” ( I told him whatever I say, do NOT let me get an epidural) I looked back at him and said, “They don’t care what you say, they’re going to listen to me, uhmm please get me an epidural this hurts to much.” The nurse knew I wanted to go natural according to my birth plan so she was like, “Are you sure? just take deep breathes through the contractions.” I yelled, “Yes! I want an epidural.” She checks my cervix and I am 5 cm dilated, I said “making progress!”

Well the Anesthesiologist wasn’t available until 7:00 am and at the time it was 6:30 am so she went and called the on call doctor to see if I can have one and he told her “Give that lady what she wants.”  I said, “Thank you Jesus!” 7:00  am could get here fast enough, as I was talking to the nurse I said, “Can you make sure I am first?” she said, “Sure as long as he doesn’t have any scheduled surgeries.” I said, “Oh he won’t.” By 6:40 am the contractions are hitting so hard I’m making all kinds of crazy noises, my husband said I sounded like a steam boat. He was trying to motivate me by saying things but I told him to “Be quiet before I put you out!” Within that time frame A huge contraction came and something went bloop, it was my water. I said, “Oh my gosh my water just broke!” Whoever said when your water breaks a little bit of water comes out, well when mine broke it was like a big gush of water and it just kept flowing. But anyway my husband rushed and got the nurse, by that time my body started pushing and I’m telling the nurse “I have to push.” The nurse told me she didn’t mind catching a baby but she would prefer if I waited for the doctor. The same nurse tells my husband to blow in my face to keep me from pushing, and for some reason I still asked for an epidural. The nurse asked me if my other two births were quick, I said I don’t know I had an epidural with them.

A big rush, my doctor rushes in with an entourage of nurses. They ask me if the student nurse can come in and I said NO! ( bad timing on their part) My doctor said okay I need to check you, I was at 10 cm. He says, “Okay it’s time to push” ( those words sounded like sweet music to my ears) My doctor tells me to scoot down to get my legs on the stir ups and I tell him no I don’t want to. He says, ” Do you want to have a baby or not, If so I need you on these stir ups.” So I scooted down and a contraction came so I started screaming, my doctor then comes close to my face and says, “Oh no! No we are not about to do this. All that screaming needs to be directed towards pushing.” I pushed one time and her head was out and then I yelled, “I can’t do this anymore!” My doctor said sweetie her head is out, one more push and you are done.” So another contraction came and I pushed and she came out, all the pain and pressure went away and I was relieved. Nyleh Blyss was born at 6:59 am. Obviously I didn’t make it for an epidural she came one minute before. Ha Ha God has an interesting way of doing things. He gave me the strength even when I was in doubt. He get’s all the glory!

I shared my story because I wanted to share reality. Even when you feel like giving up push try to push through! I watched so many natural births and every single woman was so calm, they pushed the baby right out and it was just beautiful. I don’t want to discourage any mothers who want to go all natural or plan on going all natural. It is not pain free it does hurt a whole lot, watching Youtube videos for me put me in a mind set of serenity when that was not how it went.  I was fascinated with how much pain my body endured and I am so glad that I didn’t get an epidural. I went through with my original plan and I thank God for the strength. Would I do it again with no epidural? I sure would. (although this shop is closed) The way you feel afterwards is much better, I was able to walk right away. I felt different, I was not groggy like I was from an epidural with my previous births.


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